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ERASMUS PLUS PROJECT KA219 “ Migration and its cultural effects on Europe”

5th November 2018

We have met all, guys and teachers at the Spanish Institute “ San Viator” at 9.30 a m. The headmaster Luciano Cearsolo and the Spanish teacher Ane, have given us a warm welcome. Then students danced typical Basque dances . We visited the school with all its laboratories where the students work. The job of the students is to repare broken cars like a mechanical workshop. I think that it's a good think to train at school because it is a great opportunity for students learning real job. After, we took the bus and we went to Bilbao where we walked visiting the city with an interesting guide.Afterwords we had lunch in a typical restaurant. After lunch we kept on the tour around Bilbao city. We walked on the Zubizuri bridge. This bridge was built on the Nervión river and it was designed by the architect Calatrava. Crossing the river we could admire definitily all the beauty of the city with its skyscrapers and modern buildings.


We could see also the part of the old city and its old buildings.

The tour with the guide finished in front of the Guggenheim museum, a fantastic one full of contemporary art works. In the square is situated a big sculpture all made with flowers that represents a big dog, called Puppy. In the Guggenheim museum there are artworks by Van Gogh ,Picasso, Andy Warhol and other important artists.

In the evening we had dinner all together in Bilbao at La Mary restaurant where we tasted typical Spanish dishes.

6th November 2018

We catched metro to arrive in Portugalete, a little town near Sopuerta. We visited the Cultural Centre Santa Clara where we met many migrants. They told us their stories and we shared their experiences as migrants. Then each local NGO showed us their host programmes for refugees and immigrants. They introduced a football team all composed by foreigners. Then we went to the town hall and we met the mayor Mr. Mikel Torres Lorenzo.

After this meeting all Erasmus Group moved for a guided visit around Portugalete and visited the Bizkaia Bridge – Unesco World Heritage. The guide told us many information as the origin of the town name. Afterwards we had lunch, then we had free time we spent at the shopping center of the city with our European friends. At last we met again at 8 to have dinner.


7th November 2018

On Wednesday we met in Bilbao and then all partners with students catched the coach to get to Zumaia where we had a boat tour admiring the Basque Coast Geopark , known because it is an Unesco World Heritage. Then we walked through the Flysh on foot. The coast is 14 kilometers long and really amazing. After this we visited an important beach in the country that was formed by the fall of a large meteorite during the dinosaur era giving rise to the birth of mammals. And this meteorite has made an important material that can only be seen on this point of the earth called iridium. Afterwards this incredible visit we ate all together. Later we took the bus and went to the bay of San Juan de Gaztegulatxe.It was a great adventure to walk along that path , climbing 241 steps surrounded by a breathtaking view. Finally we reached the church.

8th November 2018

We met in Bilbao at 9. 30 a.m. and went to visit the diocesan organization Caritas Bilbao. Ms Susanna explained us about the aims of the association, they had 1 600,00 euros last year and thanks to all this money they helped a lots of immigrants. Now they are developing a project that consists in helping foreiners families and their children. Then we did a role play , so we tried to be migrants that want to leave from their countries facing various issues.

After we attended about the Spanish laws on immigration and refugees.

The association helps the immigrants for residence permission or passport, documents etc. Later we visited other international organization for immigration and visited some of the places where they work too.

This association helps people that used drugs, prostitutes and others with different social problems.


We had lunch and after we had free time.

At 17.00 we went to the Basque Museum. This ancient building was the first Jesuit school in the world. We saw all the traditions of the old citizens that lived in this area as farmers , fishermen.


In the evening we had free time.

9th November 2018

On Friday we went to school and we made different activities. First we had an Eurovision contest. It was a funny competition. Each country sang a traditional song , then every group showed own presentations.

We Lived an unique and exceptional emotion. While teachers met together , we worked on posters and questionnaires

After we came back home to have lunch with our host families. At last Erasmus group met in the evening in a typical restaurant for the farewell dinner and certificate of attendance deliver ceremony.

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Donofrio Francesco VAG
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Presentations in Bilbao short exchange 5th-9th November 2018


Status quo of migration


What makes us different?



 Meeting in Bilbao - VIDEO

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