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It’s time to say good bye


From 10th to 14th June 2019 I have been in Istanbul at Sagmacilar Anatolian High School for the last transnational meeting. On Tuesday 11th all the participants partners were welcomed at school by our Turkish ones and students. At first we visited the school principle who delighted with a lovely cup of Turkish coffee. We visited the school and the Erasmus corner ,guided by Turkish students.

Then that we met at the conference room where students showed us their presentations. After that we had tea break and started the teachers’ meeting on final report mobility tool filing , final report compilation and Italian Erasmus Plus digital book delivery. Afterwards we left the school for lunch.

In the afternoon we had a stunning Bosphorus Tour and spice Bazaar visit. At last we had dinner at a typical restaurant with a breathtaking panorama of the city.

On Wednesday all the partners left the hotel for visiting Taksim Square, a leisure district famed for its shops and restaurants. It is considered the heart of modern Istanbul. Then we visited Galata Tower, built in the 14th century and it is 66.90 metres tall. It was used as a prison and a fire tower during the Ottoman era. Today tourists can observe the monuments that sit on the seven hills of the historical peninsula. After the lunch we visited Dolmabahce Palace, built in 19th century is one of the most glamorous palaces in the world.It was the administrative center of the late Ottoman Empire and the last Ottoman Sultans was residing there.

In the afternoon we went to Ortakoy, its Turkish name and position suggests somewhere in the middle, in fact it resembles a string of villages. There is the beautiful Ortakoy Mosque, a neo Baroque building, right on the waterfront. Another must try in Ortakoy is the baked potato, “ Kumpir”. It is a giant potato baked in the oven, then stuffed with an astonishing amount of different fillings.

At last we had a walk to Sultanahemet Square. It’s the most famous square located in the old city, surrounded by mosques, the sign of the square is Costantine’s obelisk.

In the evening we tasted local Turkish dishes in typical restaurant.

On Thursday we took a full day trip visit on Princes’ islands. They are a chain of nine rather small islands in the Sea of Marmara. They evolved from a place of exile during the Byzantine era, to a popular destination for tourists and now Istanbulites alike to escape the hectic city life for a day. Of those nine islands only four of them are open to the public. We visited Buyukada, the biggest and most popular. It was an oasis of peace and quiet where horse-drawn carriages and bicycles are the main transportation means. We climbed from the base to visit the very small Aya Yorgi church surrounded by a gorgeous scenery.

In the evening we had our farewell dinner with the certificate of attendance delivery. The perfect ending to this memorable and last transnational meeting. This European interaction have fostered learning and encouraged our social cohesion. All of us have raised cultural awareness of international opportunities both for students and teachers.

Erasmus Plus Project has offered us a great opportunity to build relationships with people from other cultures. Its international spirit has been for us a concrete and tangible experience to reflect how our European heritage is a possible basis for a fair society.


The teacher
Teresa Conte

Scarica questo file (Istanbul report.pdf)Istanbul report

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